Eco Pets Italia is a leading company manufacturer for private label premium quality vegetable cat litter. Our production site is in the center of Italy, on the Adriatic ridge, and is very well connected with the infrastructures for land and sea transport. This makes it easy for us to serve our domestic, European, and North American customers.

Outstanding Production Quality

The cat litter box is now an integral part of our home, we are aware of it and we evaluate every single effect of this, from odor control to bacteria control, from particle size to ease of use and disposal, from tracking to clumping. In our state-of-the-art plant facility, we produce cat litter with unique premium quality levels for our trade partners. All the ingredients are of natural origin and are not from chemical synthesis. This allows us to guarantee first-class quality and to ensure that our products are not harmful to animals and the environment, that they meet the needs of consumers and that they correspond to the specifications agreed with our partners.

A Genuine Partnership

We manage the brand of our customers with the same attention and professionalism that would devote to a brand of our own. We know the market in all its segments, and we are professional interlocutors for the structure of our partners, from marketing to logistics. We do not offer only a production infrastructure but a complete assistance service throughout the product life cycle, from the idea to the finished product.