A custom cat litter

We will produce only Super Premium, Natural and Chemical Free cat litter for you. You can choose the size of the granules, the absorbent capacity, the level of odor control, the fragrance and discuss with us any other characteristics that your product must have. We will develop prototypes for you and together we will define the best formula for the product that will carry your brand.

Natural and Certified Raw Materials

The cat litters we produce are environmentally friendly and respectful of the health of our animal friends and the environment.

The absorbent fibers are certified because they come from responsibly managed forests, the non-GMO cereals come from organic farming, the fragrances are natural and from organic crops. Any other raw material does not derive from chemical synthesis and is certified by EEC Regulations as a food additive for human or animal use.

Exclusive Industrial Process

The entire industrial process was inspired and designed on the concepts of the Circular Economy.

This guarantees us the lowest Carbon Footprint in this industrial sector and the possibility of a Certification of our finished products both for the raw materials used and for their recyclability.

The Packaging

You can choose whether you want to pack in bags or in briefcases. For obvious reasons of ecological impact, all our packaging is made of cellulose fibers. You can request the bulk product in Single Packing, in Multiple Packed Boxes or in Pal-Box, with palletization of your choice.


Paper bags with handles, heat sealed, packed by weight or by volume. Custom sizes from 5L (2,5kg) to 30L (15kg).


Cardboard cases with handle, heat-sealed, packed by weight or volume.