Quality Focus

Noi produciamo esattamente quello che voi avete scelto essere il vostro prodotto. È la nostra attenzione alla qualità che ci garantisce uno standard di prodotto elevato, costante nel tempo. Per noi la Qualità è un impegno continuo dalla scelta delle materie prime alle tecnologie.

Certified Manufacturing Processes

We have certified our organizational and production processes. We are thus able to meet the standards required even by large client organizations.

Eco Pets is ISO 9001 certified.

We produce in Total Respect for the Evironment

In particular, we have certified our standards relating to environmental management in order to minimize operations that negatively affect the environment.

Our production lines do not use water, steam or energy from fossil fuels and for this reason we have no discharges into the environment. Each dust discharge point, during the process, is intercepted and aspirated: all the dust after filtration returns to the cycle.

We only use Green Energy

We only use Green Energy

The plant is powered by Green Energy. Solar panels are installed on the roof that produce over 400Kw / hour. Our consumption is much lower than the energy produced for which we are energy creditors.