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Respect your kittenâs privacy

Respect your kitten’s privacy. Don’t disturb her while she’s eating. Food and water bowls should be placed in a quiet, out-of-the-way place. Be sure your kitten has fresh water at all times, especially during warmer weather. Drinking frequently will make your kitten healthier and may help reduce the risk of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Place your kitten’s water dish at least six feet away from her food. That way she won’t learn to associate water only with eating. Use a bowl that your kitten cannot tip over easily. Clean her food dishes at each meal and water dishes daily. As a general rule, follow the feeding instructions that come with your pet food. Be flexible. Feeding instructions are only guidelines. Cats generally regulate their eating habits according to their needs. The amount of food your kitten needs will vary with age, weight, breed, temperament, environment, and activity level. If you use dry food, you can leave a recommended daily quantity in your kitten’s dish and let her choose her own meal times. Cats seldom over-eat unless they are routinely tempted with large amounts of food. Although some owners choose to supplement commercial cat foods with milk, this should never be necessary, if the commercial food is nutritionally balanced and complete. Moreover, most cats cannot properly digest the lactose in milk and may develop flatulence or diarrhea.