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Where to place the litter box...

Place the litter box in a quiet area, because cats like privacy. Don't choose a position where there is a lot of traffic or noise and don't place it out in the open. Preferably, place it in a corner or, at least, in a place with a wall behind it. Don't place the litter box near your kitten's food or water bowls. Make sure your kitten knows where the litter box is and that she doesn't have to travel far to reach it. As a rule of thumb, provide one to two litter boxes per cat in a household. If your house is very large, or has multiple floors, you may need to provide multiple locations.

Observe your kitten as much as you can...

Observe your new kitten as much as possible, as with young kittens, accidents can occur. If you see signs that your kitten is about to go pee or poop, gently pick her up without a fuss and without scaring her, and place her in the litter box. Once your kitten has used the litter box, she leaves the smell of cat urine, which will encourage her to come back to the box the next time. If she continues to have accidents, try transferring some urine or feces from the "accident" to the litter box, so that the smell of it encourages her to use the litter box.