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Establish a routine...

Gently place your kitten in the litter box a couple of minutes after she has finished eating and a couple of minutes after she has woken up. Cats, by instinct, prefer to bury their urine and feces. Her instincts may take over and she will begin to dig and scratch at the litter by herself. Give her some time to sniff around and decide what she is going to do. If she doesn't start scratching by herself, all you need to do is gently take hold of her front paws and simulate a digging and scratching motion. The kitten should get the idea from doing this. If this doesn't work, scratch at the litter with your fingers. Try to make it look like a fun game, so you attract her interest. If the kitten uses the litter box, give her lots of praise. If she doesn't use it, don't force the issue. You must never use a raised voice or make her afraid of the litter box in any way. Establish a routine of placing your kitten in the litter box at hourly intervals throughout the day. She may not want to go every hour, but this will reinforce the idea of where you want her to go. It also helps avoid too many accidents.